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    🍇Elderberry Club (Local Delivery)

    This subscription service was created as a convenience for regular customers. You select what you want to purchase, and we’ll auto-deliver it locally on the 5th of each month within 15 miles of Wilmore, KY. Set it once and we’ll do the rest! And to thank you for your loyalty, you'll receive the best price on all Subscribe and Save orders with delivery right to your door!

    $26per month

    What's included:

    Elderberry Super Syrup

    Elderberries taste earthy… kind of like that mudpie you made in your backyard as a kid. Well, imagine an elderberry syrup that tastes yummy. Imagine one without a sour aftertaste. That's right, something healthy that your kids beg for each morning...

    Our Elderberry Super Syrup has amazing ingredients AND tastes SUPER great! My kids helped me pick our signature natural flavoring recipe (I had to hide our first bottle in the garage fridge so they wouldn't drink it all in one day!).

    Our syrup is handcrafted in small batches and made in a licensed commercial kitchen with a permit from the Kentucky Food Safety Branch according to strict sanitization guidelines.

    We don't use any glucose or other thickening agents other than raw honey, the only natural preservative in our syrup. There are no other sweeteners or preservatives...just the good stuff!


    • 12 ounces
    • 1 per month
    • The 5th of each month
    • Available for local delivery to Within 15 miles of Wilmore, KY